Disability and also the Muslim viewpoint: An Introduction for Rehabilitation and Health Care Providers

Disability and also the Muslim viewpoint: An Introduction for Rehabilitation and Health Care Providers


Laura Cohon Shaikh earned the girl undergraduate diploma in biochemistry from Harvard institution, subsequently went to the institution of Michigan health college in Ann Arbor. This woman is now finishing this model residence in physical medicine and rehab at Schwab treatment Hospital in Chicago.

We hope about the syndication of this monograph will promote improved handicap work for Muslims with handicaps across the nation.

John H. rock, Ph.D., manager heart for Foreign Rehabilitation exploration info and change (CIRRIE ) Program editor program

Salmans, S. (2007). “Muslims in the usa.” https://besthookupwebsites.org/happn-review/ Believe, 10(3), 10-15.

Acknowledgements (Rooshey Hasnain)

Thanks a lot are due to the individual’s and homes whom amply provided their perspectives and thinking about disability problem. The information they given add greatly to your perception of complex problems that look Muslims with impairments, both locally and around the globe.

Specific bless you visit those who furnished skilled ideas. Lance Laird amply revealed their own data on Muslims and impairment and presented related info and methods. Also, Aqil Sajjad and Imam Yucel furnished information regarding disability and overall health within the cultural and religious viewpoints.

Several others offered skilled help. Rabia Khehr furnished constructive reviews. M. long distances furnished complete and really valuable expertise and critiques of earlier versions. Linda Ann Jezewski and Paula Sotnik attracted me to the educational brokering structure hence main this perform. Shakil Sattar, an undergraduate college student at UMass invested their time to establish a map of this Muslim globe given that the inside cover about this monograph.

Personal assistance came from many others. Helen Snively assisted considerably in refining, tailoring, and doing this process. Jon Queijo offered valuable help and enter all over the undertaking. Kathleen Wisniewski presented constant assistance in pulling with each other our very own edits and sources.

For example, We understand my dad, Riaz Hasnain, that has constantly moved us to capture one step that may really make a difference during the lives of many. This monograph is definitely a step where movement; we hope they serves as a catalyst to bring public recognition and reports to problems of disability and treatment dealing with Muslim folk and individuals to your center.

Ultimately, very special as a result of John material which supported the idea and growth of this monograph when it comes to CIRRIE series considering that therefore little might circulated in this field. We can’t treasure your enough because of it chance.


Planning and intent behind the Monograph

This monograph provide an overview of and breakdown of a wide variety and assortment of Muslims with handicaps and persistent medical conditions which result from several skills and circumstances. The point given right here additionally highlights larger problems of human beings rights. Given the current immigration developments in the United States, it is crucial that providers process across people and devices to aid Muslims availability impairment and health care business and assets within towns. Through the years, service workers and analysts have come to observe that people with handicaps and diseases don’t always secure the the exact same health viewpoints, understandings, objective, and focus as being the providers these people experience (Ali, Fazil, Bywaters, Wallace, & Singh, 2001). As a result, an intercultural break in understanding between visitors and carriers that’ll generate an unhealthy remedies or rehabilitative end result. This monograph uses the terms client, consumer, and customer interchangeably to denote those attempting impairment services, health related treatments, or both. Most of us high light that to link the gap between Muslim solution owners and regular U.S. program devices, providers in disability and treatment techniques really need to boost their sensitivity and ability to enable differences between their own solutions as well as the requires of these people.

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